CHICO     is a nice  grizzly bear  of 72 cm  tall ,he is jointed 6 ways ( 2 times in the neck: at the top and at the bottom ) like this you can give him many lovely expressions, his head , his neck  are stuffed with wood chips and his legs and  his arms are stuffed with wool and the body with a mix of wool and wood chips  .His brown and black eyes  are in glasse with eyelids  CHICO   is  made of  very nice  high quality  natural wool from  New Zeeland ( his wool is dark in root and lighter in tip  and german  alpaca  fabrics, he 's got an armature in his legs and arms and he's got handmade claws ,he is waiting for his family for many hugs .For some questions ,feel free to ask you're most welcome . CHICO   's got an open mouth and closed mouth and his weight is about 3 kg ( about 6 lbs ) .CHICO's a tail too and he is OOAK .

I make bears by order too,feel free to ask me.Have a nice time

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grizzly, jointed 6 ways, alpaka, wool, armature, open close mouth

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